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Nando's Card

How does Nando's Card work?

Each time you visit us and spend  £7 or more*, you'll receive a Chilli, and Chillies lead to Rewards! Don't forget to register your card to earn Rewards. 

Green Reward (3 Chillies): A ¼ chicken, or any Fire-Starter (excluding All Together Now and Wing Roulette)
Orange Reward (6 Chillies): A ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta (excluding steak and Chicken Butterfly products and Sunset Burger)
Red Reward (10 Chillies): A whole chicken, or any single combination meal with regular sides

The Rewards don't stop at 10 Chillies- they keep stacking up every time you visit. And the best bit? You have one year to redeem them. Find out more here.  

* Excluding gift card purchases. You can earn a maximum of one Chilli per day.

Help! I've lost my Nando's Card. What do I do?

The important thing is not to panic... If you've registered your Nando's Card, all is not lost! Nothing is lost, to be precise. All you need to do is log in to your account and request a new card. We'll send you a shiny new Nando's Card within 10 days, topped up with all your Chillies and Rewards on. 

Not registered your Nando's Card? We hope you're sitting down for this... We're afraid we can't save your Chillies and you'll need to pick up a new card in the restaurant (just make sure you register it this time!).

I've forgotten my Nando's Card, can I still earn a Chilli?

Of course you can, we won't stand in the way of you and free PERi-PERi! If you have the Nando's app, just show the cashier your card number when you order and they can add your Chilli to your account. If not, just ask for a Forgotten Card Code at the till and add it to your account later here.

How do I check my Chillies and Rewards?

Checkin' in on the Chillies? Have a look at your account here, or download our App! 

How long do I have to use my Rewards?

Rewards last a whole year, but our bet is you'll be using them much quicker than that! Just in case you don't, we'll send you an email just before your Reward expires if you have one waiting for you. We can't have that free PERi-PERi going to waste, now can we?

Can I redeem more than one Reward at a time?

You sure can! You can redeem as many Rewards as you wish, whenever you wish, within a year of receiving them. 

Why do Rewards expire?

All good things must come to an end, and we reckon a year is enough time for you to use your Reward. We'll send you a reminder email before any Rewards expire- we can't have you missing out!

How do I get a Nando's Card?

In the market for a Nando's Card? Well, good news- you can get one from any of our restaurants, so the next time you're there getting your PERi-PERi on, pick one up! Find your nearest restaurant here. 

Why do I need to register my Nando's Card?

Unlike relationships, you can't make your Nando's Card official with a Facebook status. You'll need to register it here to redeem your rewards, and protect your Chillies, so that if you lose your card we can replace them for you! 

I'm having trouble registering my card!

Well, that's not ideal! There are two reasons you might be struggling:

1. You've got an email address with super-duper security. If you've got an email with a private domain (e.g. a work email), you'll have higher security. Check your junk/spam folders for our email. It's likely we're sitting there waiting to be rescued...

2. Your email address wasn't correctly linked to your Nando's Card account. There's an easy way to check this- did you receive a confirmation email when you registered? No? Then try re-registering. 

Still not working? Let us give you a hand. Contact us.

How do I update my Nando's Card account details?

New digits? Moved house? Log in to your account and update your details. If you need help contact us.

Can I have multiple cards?

Ah come on, no one likes a show-off. You only really need one Nando's Card. After all, you can only earn one Chilli per day, and you can only register your email address once. 

I have multiple cards, can I merge them?

The short answer is no. The long answer is noooooo (don’t say we didn’t warn you!). It’s the whole ‘too much of a good thing’ thing. Stick to one and you can’t go wrong. Fact. 

I've opted in to receive emails. How often will Nando's email me?

If you tick the box to opt-in, you'll be the first to hear the latest news from Nando's! Whether it's menu launches, competitions or exclusive offers, we'll only email you when we think it's important. After all, nobody likes a needy penpal. Don’t worry, we won’t pass your details on to third parties for marketing purposes. 

How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?

Something we said? Wait, we can change! Okay fine, we probably won't... You can hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails, but just know we'll miss you. 

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Gift Cards

Do You Sell Gift Cards?

Yes! If you fancy purchasing one, pop in to any of our restaurants, or have a look in popular supermarkets or high street shops. There's no gift quite like a PERi-present! For more information about our gift cards please click here.

What if I've lost my Gift Card?

If you registered your Gift Card, we’ll be able to issue you a new one (phew!). Get in touch with us here and we’ll get a new one out to you. If you haven’t registered your Gift Card, we’re unable to replace it for you.

When does my Gift Card expire?

Your Gift Card will expire 18 months from the date of your last activity (either spending money from your Gift Card or topping it up). We don’t expect you to remember the exact date you last visited us, so you can check the date and balance here. You can also register your Gift Card on this page to protect the balance.

Can I top up a Gift Card?

Yes you can! To keep the good times rolling, just pop in to any of our restaurants and ask at the till to top your Gift Card up. If the Gift Card was originally purchased from our restaurant, it can be topped up with anything from £5-£100. If it was purchased from a retailer (e.g. from a supermarket), it can only be topped up with £20. If you want to top it up with a smaller amount, you can always buy a shiny new Gift Card from the restaurant when you visit us. Make sure you register your card here so that we can replace it if you lose it.

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Offers and Discounts

How Does Your Emergency Services Discount Work?

As our little way of saying thanks, we offer a 20% discount to Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff. To use this discount, we need to see a valid photocard ID card before payment (it's best to show your ID before placing your order). The 20% discount is applied to the card holders order, up to an order value of £20, and can only be used once a day. The discount only applies to the purchase of food and drink. We also offer a Military discount (Army, Navy, RAF) which works in exactly the same way, for which we'll need to see a valid Military photo ID card. Unfortunately, discounts cannot be applied to Delivery, Online Takeaway orders or Deliveroo orders. As long as the total order amount comes to over £7 after discount, you can still earn a chilli with your Nando’s Card.

How does your Gardaí and Medical and Services discount work?

We offer a 20% discount to Gardaí and Medical staff on the production of a valid ID card only. The discount is valid for the ID card holder’s purchase only (up to the value of €20).

Do You Have A Loyalty Card?

We do indeed! Pick up a Nando's Card from any of our restaurants. Please note that these are the only discounts we offer nationally.

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High 5 / Black Card

What Is A High 5 / Black Card?

You’ve heard rumours about it – a card that magically provides free Nando’s for a whole year. The mythical Nando’s High Five card – can you be sure it really exists? Or, like unicorns and Robin Hood, is it just a legend – one created by Nando’s to give fans a holy grail to yearn for? All we can tell you for certain is that no-one who’s requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one. Asking for one is simply the biggest taboo – a definite no no. What’s also true is that we love each and every one of you – that’s why we show our gratitude with a wealth of other Nando’s treasures such as our Loyalty Card, Competitions and Promotions. You can make the most of these by following us on Twitter and Facebook... fact!

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