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Eating In

Can I Book A Table?

The decision to take a booking is down to the Manager of each restaurant, so it's best to contact them directly. Pop in and speak to them face-to-face (just ask for the Duty Manager) or find the contact details for the restaurant here.

How Do I Find Out Where You're Opening?

To find out where we are next opening, take a look at our Openings page. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the news on our upcoming openings too!

When Are You Open?

We’d love to be open all the time, but our grillers need their beauty sleep! Generally we’re open midday to late evening, but some of our restaurants opening hours will vary. To find your local restaurant opening hours search here.

What Music Do You Play In Your Restaurants?

We saw you slyly getting your boogie on last time you got your PERi-PERi on with us... And who could blame you? If you would prefer to get your dancing shoes on in the haven of your own home, we have complied a list of music we play in our restaurants below: Los Sitio Asere by Afro Cuban All Starts Mexe Mexe by Kompass Boas Festas by Luis Morais Sabine Largam by Cesaria Evora Ndakuvara by Oliver Mtukddzi Mas Que Nada by Miriam Makeba El Reloj de Pastora by Sierra Maestra A good website to get great world music compilations is and a couple of great compilation CD's from there are called Samba Bossa nova and Nuevo Latino.

Are there new restaurants opening in Ireland this year?

We do try to spread our PERi love to all of our fans around the country and are always interested to hear where our fans want us to open! For more information on this, to suggest a site location and to find out if we are coming to a site near you check out our Openings page on our website.

What is Nando’s nino?

Nando’s nino is a bit different. We launched the first Nando’s Nino in Twickenham in January 2018 and it’s designed for when you’re in a rush, on the go, want a quick bite, a takeaway, delivery or to meet up with your mates. We’ve concentrated everything into a much smaller space, streamlined our menu, added some extra specials and changed some things you’ll experience.

Is the menu different?

Yes, the menu for Nando’s nino is different to our main restaurant menu, it has been designed with speed, delivery and takeaway in mind.

Where can I see the different menu?

The menu can be viewed here, in the Nando’s nino Twickenham restaurant and on our app.

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How Much VAT Do You Charge?

We currently charge 20% VAT, which can be seen on our receipts. The price listed on our menus includes VAT, so you're not paying any extra.

Why Do You Charge The Same Price For Eat In As Takeaway?

Because we serve hot food, the price is the same whether you get your PERi fix with us or choose to get a takeaway

Do you accept AMEX?

All of our restaurants, other than those in ROI, accept AMEX. This includes Northern Ireland.

I’ve got Apple/Android Pay! Can I use it in your restaurants?

You can!  You'll see the Apple Pay and Android Pay signs in our restaurants to let you know we accept this type of payment.   At the moment there is a £30 limit per transaction.  


To use Apple Pay, just tap your compatible Apple device on the contactless terminal and use TouchID (the fingerprint sensor) to authenticate the transaction.


For Android Pay, simply unlock your device and tap it on the contactless terminal and you're good to go.  


For more information about Apple & Android Pay, including exactly how each one works, have a look at their websites and

Do you accept Restaurant Choice and Luncheon vouchers?

Yes we do (as long as they’re still in date!).

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How Can I Get A Job At Nando's?

We're always looking for people who share our passion to join the Nando's family, and it's great to see that you're one of them! For information about vacancies, have a look at our Careers page here. If you prefer a more face-to-face encounter, pop in to your local Nando's with your CV instead!

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I'm Looking For Sponsorship

We like to keep it local with our sponsorship requests, so instead of sending us an email, pop in to your local Nando's and speak to the Manager on Duty. Good luck with your event!

I Am Organising A Fundraising Event, Can You Help?

We take our hats off to you for your fabulous efforts in raising money for some fantastic causes. We like to keep it local with our fundraising requests, so pop in to your local Nando's and speak to the Manager on Duty. Good luck with your event!

How Can I Become One Of Your Franchisees?

Nando's does not offer franchises in the UK & Ireland and we don’t have any plans to franchise here in the future. Internationally, franchises are only available in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Please visit the relevant countries website for more information. We are not able to respond to International franchise enquires from the UK.

How Do I Book Your Outdoor Catering Unit?

With great power comes great responsibility! Managing PERi-PERi on wheels takes a special kind of talent, so we can’t let just anyone have control of our Cock o' Van sadly. However, we take to the road in all sorts of places, from the muddiest of festivals to the A-est of A-lister events, so keep an eye out and we might pop up near you!

Do you run a mystery shopper programme?

No, we do not currently run any mystery shopping programmes  however we have recently been made aware of number of sites claiming an affiliation with Nando’s through mystery shopper programmes. We have no connection with these organisations, however, we are committed to getting customer feedback through our customer satisfaction surveys. As and when customers make us aware of scam emails, we take the appropriate action with the companies involved and always advise our customers to contact us if they are unsure of the validity of an email.

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