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It takes more than a little rain to put out our fire, as Manchester found out last Thursday when we took our hunt for Patrão and Assistant Manager talent to the intu Trafford Centre. Bright and early, we headed to the food court entrance to put up a climbing wall (symbolic of our family table), awaiting for passers by to take our challenge and be more than just managers.

Sitting atop our table – and the leaderboard – resident adventurer John Knowles set the bar high early. A record-breaking time, which remained unbeaten all day, scaling 9 metres in a cool 11 seconds. Bear Grills, you ain’t got nothing on John.

Barci, the beloved Nando’s mascot was on hand, being his boisterous self, inviting everyone to strap up, scurry up and claim a chicken cheque (if they were fast enough).

Given the drizzle, only the most fearless climbers took the challenge. Just like Richard from nearby Droylesden, who arrived, CV in tow, with one eye on our leaderboard and the other on an Assistant Manager’s role at Nando’s. Even though he didn’t beat the record, Richard showed what it takes to be more than just a manager. He climbed to the top of our table, wearing a white shirt and his smartest shoes, undeterred by the rain, keen to join our family having read about our values as a ‘people-first’ employer.

If you missed the chance to come see us in Manchester, fear not: an even greater challenge awaits. If you’re ready and able to take a seat at our table, apply for a role as a Patrão or an Assistant Manager.